What Does “GG” Stand For and How Do You Use It?

If you don’t play many competitive video games, you might have first seen the word “GG” on social media or from a gamer friend. Learn what it means and how to put it to use.

Good Game

“Good Game”

GG stands for “nice game.” In multiplayer competitive games, GG is used to show sportsmanship and to acknowledge that you had fun when fighting your rivals.

Many players make it a habit to type GG into the chat at the end of every match. It’s comparable to a handshake or greeting at the conclusion of a live sporting event.

A young gamer playing a PC game while wearing headphones.

The tradition of saying GG dates back to the late 1990s to the early 2000s. As online multiplayer competitive games like Quake and StarCraft became more popular, internet vocabulary began to take shape. Saying GG to the enemies at the end of a round became standard practice in these games

on the other hand, is not necessarily used positively. Premature use of GG is called BM, or “bad manners.” For eg, texting GG before you’ve won the match because you’re overconfident about the outcome is impolite.

It’s particularly humiliating if you end up losing in the end. Avoid typing GG before the game is completely over.

GGWP and Other Variations

There are a few different ways to use GG. GGWP, which stands for “nice game, well played,” is a popular abbreviation for the acronym. This is sometimes used to mean that the opponent performed admirably during the game, particularly if they came from behind to win.

This is in contrast to GLHF, which means “good luck, have fun” which is said at the start of the game rather than at the end.

Another abbreviation for GG is GGEZ, which stands for “nice game, simple.” It may be used in a disrespectful way by those on the winning side after a dominant result. This, however, is considered impolite.

GGEZ is most often used ironically by either the winning or losing side. When the winning side uses it, it is usually at the close of a long and difficult match that might have went either direction.

When the losing team uses it, it is usually after a blowout game to implicitly compliment the champions.

GG, like many other common internet acronyms, has found its way into everyday use. Outside of video games, it’s commonly used in everyday discussions.

You may say GG after betting on a sporting event or playing a fun game of one-on-one basketball with a friend. It is also becoming more popular in some offline sporting competitions, such as professional poker.

You may also use it in discussions that are unrelated to matches. GG may be used to express frustration or to give up on something. For example, if you burn a piece of toast by mistake, you can say “GG toast.”

It may also be used to indicate that a situation is threatening or impossible to handle. If you’re about to take an exam for which you didn’t prepare, tell your mate, “I didn’t read, GG.”

Both GGEZ and GGWP can be used in non-competitive situations. If anything turns out to be simpler than intended, such as passing a test without studying, you can tell GGEZ. GGWP, on the other hand, may be used to congratulate anyone on a job well done.

If your friends happen to throw you a surprise party without your knowing, you should tell them GGWP to show that they did a decent job of keeping the secret.

How to Use it

If your friends happen to throw you a surprise party without your knowledge, you should tell them GGWP to show that they did a decent job of keeping the secret.

Here are a few proper ways to use GG:

  • What a match. GG.
  • GGWP, you picked out the perfect gift for me!
  • I totally forgot to turn in the paperwork yesterday. GG, my boss is gonna be mad.
  • I managed to find your house without Google Maps, GGEZ.

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