Twitch starting to ban users for abuse and serious offenses

Twitch’s off-service policy had previously taken into consideration misconduct that spilled over from the platform into other forums—a Twitch spat that continues on Twitter or Discord, for instance.
But now it has to introduced plans to tackle “serious offenses” regarding the Twitch community, whether or not none of the incidents happen on Twitch itself.

Twitch starting to ban users for abuse and serious offenses

Harassment, abuse, and other serious misconduct may now get you banned from it whether or not none of it occurs on the streaming platform itself, consistent with new guidelines laid out in the week.

The guidelines cite samples of the forms of severe (and overwhelmingly criminal) misconduct that’ll get you booted from the platform.

While not exhaustive, the list includes deadly violence, membership or leadership in known hate groups, terrorist activities, regulatory offense, and explicit and credible threats against Twitch employees or the broader community.

“Taking action against misconduct that happens entirely off our service could be a novel approach for both Twitch and also the industry at large, but it’s one we believe—and hear from you—is crucial to induce right,” Twitch wrote.”This is an iterative, ongoing process, and as always, our end goal is to create a safer Twitch for everybody.”

Admitting that it’s unable to dedicate resources to events that happen entirely outside its jurisdiction, Twitch says that it’s partnered with an “experienced investigations law firm” to more thoroughly investigate claims of off-platform misconduct.

Reports may also be made through a brand new, dedicated email address at [email protected]

While largely a game-streaming platform, Twitch’s placement because the most well-liked streaming service has seen it at the forefront of political moments within the last year. When the US Capitol was stormed in February, thousands watched it go on Twitch, with it subsequently banning a former US President from the location.

If Twitch is to secure itself as a secure place to form content, it cannot be oblivious to the happenings within the wider world. Hopefully, these new guidelines help prevent bad actors from getting a position on the platform.

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