Ralph Baer: The Godfather of the videogames industry

If we are going to talk about video games and this huge industry, we should mention Ralph Baer, ​​the godfather of video games.

According to the website “NPR”, video games bring players together from different countries of the world, which lead to investments of billions of dollars that have surpassed filmmaking in recent years, and it belongs to this godfather.

Ralph Baer

Ralph Henry Baer, ​​the inventor of the video game in 1922, was born in Germany to a family with Jewish roots who later changed his original name “Rudolf Heinrich Bayer.”

I emigrated to New York in 1938 to escape the events of World War II, then he changed his name and joined the US Army from 1943 to 1946, most of which he spent as an intelligence officer in European countries.

So never says that the Germans could not have fun without this man; you would never have been able to stream. In 1951, he presented the idea of ​​playing TV for an American electronic company. They rejected his offer.

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In 1966, Bayer created the first video game to run on the “Console” system under the name “Brown Box”.
With the help of two engineers and a sum of $ 2,500 inside the company “Sanders Associates” for military applications, relying on wooden pallets to protect the brown box from breakage and damage.

After 15 years, Ralph Bayer invented the first digital platform for electronic games that were bought by the company “Magnavox”, which is called “Odyssey”.

Ralph Baer

Had fierce competition with the pioneers of the world of video games, such as the company “Atari,” which took advantage of the idea of ​​the table tennis game he created. Bayer launched its famous “Pong” device and invented the light pistol used in electronic shooting games.

Ralph Bayer had a long history in electronic greeting cards and submarine combat tracking systems. He also received an honorary membership for life from the Institute of Communications and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), the highest degree among the world’s engineers.

He won the National Medal of Technology from former US President George W. Bush and was a member of the US National Inventors Hall of Fame. In 2008, he won the Game of the Year award.

Ralph Baer

Bayer achieved more than 50 patents in America, unlike 100 others in the world, until he passed away on Saturday, 8 December 2014, at his home in the British state of New Hampshire at the age of 92 years.

One of his sayings also, “Introducing new ideas and turning them into real products has always been as natural as breathing for me.”

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