The Last of Us Part 2 mod lets you play with Joel instead of Eli.

Good news for all fans of Last of Us Part 2, especially Joel fans.

The mods that the players and not the developers are working on may be more difficult on the console compared to the PC, but this did not prevent the shmasher248 YouTube channel from working on a modification for The Last of Us Part 2 game that heals the players after the absence of “Joel,” the hero of the first part, from most of the events The game, and replace it with the main character “Eli” available to play.

The video, which lasts a little over two minutes, shows some filming scenes in the violent game world immersed in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Still, there is one small problem, Joel has the voice of Ellie.

Provided you accept this, you may decide to re-run the story’s events told in the second chapter in the series is not usual.

However, most of the events would not make sense given that it was presented from Eli’s point of view.

Recall that a few days ago, we learned that the development company Naughty Dog is hiring new employees to create a multiplayer title that has not been announced yet.

It looks like a project of the concept of GaaS where the titles were supported with more continuous additions after the launch, and the second part of The Last of Us is explicitly here.

Still, given the studio’s previous statements about Factions, The Last of Us 2 might be the point.

Naughty Dog co-chair Neil Druckmann has told people asking about future projects that they should be patient. He promised that there are many “cool” things to share, which they will do as soon as possible.

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