Meet with us, Gwen, the latest hero in the League of Legends 2021

Gwen the doll: And here we are, preparing to welcome Gwen, the newest hero in League of Legends.

Gwen’s story is impressive and linked to many other characters in the game world. Today, we will learn about the new character and basic information about her, and exceptional information.

Gwen information

  • The place to play: the top and middle line.
  • Fighting style: Melee.
  • Genre: Fighter / Assassin.
  • Class: Skirmisher.
  • Power Source: Mana.
  • Relation and Origin: Shadow Isles.
  • Common Characters in the Story: Viego / Senna.

The story of the new heroine “Gwen. “


Many years ago, in the Kingdom of “Camavor,” a group of farmers lived in one of the agricultural provinces where there was a humble seamstress who made her very beloved doll “Gwen.”

What Gwen can remember from her past, she remembers it with love. She remembers her memories with small sewing and scissors’ sounds as he works, the needle and thread. In the evening, she remembers playing with sewing under the dining table by the light of kitchen candles.

At some point, the games stopped and the light faded, and “Gwen” was unable to understand the matter or the reasons. Still, whenever she tried to retrieve the details, she felt a prick associated with a man whose features and name made her terrified.

Her memories were erased as the ocean tide, and “Gwen” remained for centuries quiet and forgotten at the same time.

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One night, she opened her eyes and woke up for the first time to find herself on a dark beach very far from her home, by magic whose origin or what was unknown, transformed her into a living girl able to move her hands and feet.

Gwen took on the new life with pleasure and love, jumping on the sand in awe of how far away she could see with her own eyes, the magnificence of how each pebble feels, and how she handles the wind on her back.

Along the coast, she drew her attention to the presence of abandoned wrecks dating back to the past millennium; next to it was a group of shattered storage, inside which was a strangely familiar set of tools, scissors, needles, and strings.

Gwen recognized the tools very quickly as they were the tools of her maker. When she touched them with her fingers, dust flowed from her hands accompanied by lights that made her feel safe and warm, like embracing the beautiful sacred past.

But Gwen was not the only one affected by this magic. On the island, another black mist appeared, twisting and twisting to form a frightening ghost, and Gwen’s new presence caught the attention of the black smoke.

When the frightening ghost approached Gwen, she stabbed him with her scissors, spreading more fog all over, increasing the size of her tools and transforming them from mere metal tools to magic tools.

But the ghosts were also solid and numerous and fed on the black fog, and as soon as they surrounded Gwen, she began to feel sadness and familiar pain.

As soon as she remembered the name “Figo,” Gwen fell on her knee, sadly remembering the moments she spent happily and simply with her maker and stole one final glimpse of the shine of her scissors.

At this moment, Gwen realized something unique, her maker, who was a victim of this man’s arrogance, wasn’t destroyed forever. The tools still exist, the tools that first brought Gwen together in her hands now.

Gwen believed that all this was not just an accident. She knew deep down that She made it still with her, and she’s still fighting.

A gift that cannot be left


Using threads and a needle, Gwen weaved a cloud of sacred fog to push the frightening monsters back, her scissors striking hard and quickly at the same time.

It reminds her of the quiet nights in which she and her maker imagined they were fighting in glorious battles below the kitchen table, and soon the monsters disappeared and no longer had a trace.

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After the victory, Gwen realizes that this is only the beginning; she can sense that these ghosts are directly linked to Figo, and they are the ones causing her pain.

Without wasting any time, Gwen decided to catch the black fog to stop it and fight at any cost. Gwen believes that this endeavor will be arduous, and so far, she is very excited for every second that she lives. Do we not know how long this blessing will last?

After being given a scarce chance in life, Gwen chose to be a positive force that was indomitable in the face of all odds. She now travels around Rontera and the determination to restore joy to everyone who suffers and is in pain.

For Gwen, every minute is valuable, and every step has a purpose.

Important information about the story of the heroine “Gwen.”

league of legends

Now that we have explained the GWEN story, we have many questions to answer, perhaps the most prominent of the relationship of “Figo” to Gwen and the sewing that the story talks about wholly.

Initially, GWEN is a doll that was made very old during the ancient kingdom of Camavor. This doll has many beautiful memories with its maker, where she dreamed of sewing with her many things; perhaps one of them was married to one of the princes.

Sometimes the dream is a curse, and what you wish for is what kills you.

The seamstress fulfilled her dream and already married Prince Figo. Yes, we are talking here about “Isoldi,” the wife of Figo, who appeared with us very important in the Broken King’s story.

So we learned that Gwen is the doll of Isoldi, which explains Gwen’s extraordinary appearance, entirely out of the world of Rontera that exists today.

As we learned, Gwen was made hundreds of years ago, so she has the appearance of a Camavor kingdom and not that of Rontira’s world. We also know that she is a doll that got life recently, not long ago.

This justifies the overwhelming happiness that Gwen feels because everything she does is experiencing for the first time. She touches things for the first time and feels the different textures, and what we find is regular and recurring that happens every day, which is like a new experience for Gwen.

Gwen’s combination is extraordinary; when I read her story, I felt unfortunate, but at the same time, the character is entirely far from sadness, but rather a cheerful character and feels happy, which appears even in the way she moves and how she walks.

So far, we do not know any information about the magic that led to the bear of life inside it. Still, it is known that in 2021 there will be more characters associated with the story of the Shattered King, so it is expected that we will know more with the next character.

Also, GWEN is actively pursuing Figo and fighting it, as it is its enemy directly. Still, the strange thing is that Gwen is the enemy of “Senna” at the same time because “Senna” is looking for spirits in general and is seeking after Figo as well. Siena, Figo, and Gwen too.

It is believed that the spirit of Isoldi is present within the GWEN or at least part of it, so it is expected that we will see a future update in the story.

We may find a meeting between Figo and Gwen soon, or we may know more about the character of Isoldi via Gwen.

The weapon with GWEN is the scissors, and these scissors were the property of Isolde herself. Still, its size was, of course, more minor, and thanks to the magic that was exposed to him, he increased in size and became a giant, and at the same time, he had extraordinary magical abilities.

Special information:

  • GWEN is the first of three characters to be released in 2021, linking their events to the story of Figo, the Shattered King.
  • Gwen is the second character in League of Legends to have the heterochromia trait (Zoe is the first character to bear the attribute) as she has a good eye in turquoise, while the other eye is purple.
  • The Gwen dance is based on the musical PONPONPON.
  • The new heroine reflects many colors, unlike the rest of the Shadow Islands characters, because Gwen reflects the good in life and the spotlight inside the darkness.

Gwen’s abilities:


As we know, the new characters in League of Legends are kind of unbeatable, at least in the first weeks of the launch, so let’s get to know the new character’s skills.

Potential – Thousand Cuts:

Gwen’s base hits deal additional magic damage, whose value is determined by a percentage of the enemies’ maximum health level.

The character also regains a percentage of his health level through direct hits, and the health percentage is calculated based on the amount of damage caused by the direct impacts.

The ability of the Q – Snip Snip:

Gwen uses her scissors to direct several consecutive blows of up to a maximum of 6 strokes, starting with two strokes, and these strokes cause magic damage.

The skill causes a minimum of two strikes.

Still, it may reach six consecutive strikes depending on Gwen’s basic strikes in directing to the opponent. The more the character can run successful basic strikes, the more she can charge the Q ability to control six consecutive strikes.

The W-Hallowed Mist:

Gwen is spinning a cloud of sacred fog to surround her, and this cloud lasts for a full five seconds and gives the character some resistance to magic and some stamina whenever she is inside.

Enemies outside the fog cloud can not target Gwen in any way as long as she is in her fog range.

Also, fog will follow Gwen if she tries to get out and move from him, but only in the first move of her, and if she carries a second time, she will come out of the fog cloud.

E – Skip’n Slash:

Gwen rushes forward a short distance boosted by her hit power, range, speed, and magic damage from strokes for a full 4 seconds.

If an enemy is attacked during this state, the ability’s recharge is reduced by 50% complete.

If you use the ability and attack any enemy while you are in this case, the reuse period is reduced by 50%.

R – Needlework:

With this ability, the heroine directs a decisive blow forward using the giant needle that she possesses, and she can direct this blow up to three times in a row.

Still, for this to happen, she must strike a normal within 8 seconds between each wave.

She directs the first blow and then runs an impact Normal, so the second wave starts, then make a regular hit the third and final wave starts.

These strikes lead to magic damage, slow the enemy and activate the full ability effect that we talked about before, enhancing the character’s magical damage ability.

It is worth noting that the first wave of strikes directs one needle, while the second wave directs three needles towards the enemy. Finally, the third wave releases six needles with a total of 9 needles if it can target the ability correctly.

Huh, that was all. I hope we covered everything, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and tell us about your favorite hero.

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