Facebook fined $ 650 million for face recognition technology!

The US Federal Court issued a ruling fined the Facebook amount of 650 million dollars favouring residents of the state of “Illinois” of America for using the Facebook platform’s facial recognition technology and collecting their biometric data without their permission.

The case dates back to 2015, when attorney Jay Edson filed a lawsuit against Facebook in the Cook County Courthouse on behalf of the first plaintiff, Carlo Licata, based on the fact that facial recognition technology in photos is via Facebook and made suggestions about the identity of the people in the photos. So Facebook has fined

It conflicts with Illinois biometric information privacy law.

In 2018, the case turned into a class-action lawsuit in the name of all 6.9 million Facebook users in Illinois state.

Still, only 1.6 million people filed applications asking the court to expedite the ruling, and they will receive the compensation amount.

The $ 650 million the court ruled will be divided between the attorneys and original plaintiffs in the case and the 1.6 million residents of Illinois.

The attorneys will receive $ 97.5 million in attorneys’ fees and $ 915,000 in expenses, and the three main plaintiffs in the lawsuit will receive $ 5,000 for each of them.

Simultaneously, the remainder of the sum will be divided among the other 1.6 million people, and each of them will receive $ 345.

According to Federal Judge James Donato, who issued the ruling in this case, this settlement is a “historic result,” and the Chicago Tribune quoted the judge as saying: “The settlement was a“ historic result ”and“ a big consumer win for digital privacy. ”.

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