Days Gone is coming to the PC, followed by a set of Playstation exclusives

Days Gone

Sony’s decision to start launching its exclusives to PC came as a surprise to many people, especially in the context of how they functioned as a first-party publisher in the past; Horizon Zero Dawn was the first game to make that leap, but despite many reports are claiming it will not be the last.

Days Gone

Among the many games that do this, as Days Gone, other upcoming exclusives for the platform have not been announced in the coming period.

Well, it looks like that will change soon. Speaking in an interview with GQ, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the 2019 Open World Days Gone title from SIE Bend Studio would come to the computer this spring.

Moreover, this is not the only PlayStation game, which you can expect on the PC, with a “complete list” of other Sony games from the first party that will get versions dedicated to the PC soon.

With the likes of Bloodborne, God of War, Dreams and much more, there is no shortage of beloved first-party games that Sony can bring to the PC, all of this is only speculation at the moment, but due to the overwhelming amount of demand for PC copies in many These games, nothing seems impossible.

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