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Resident Evil Village review

Resident Evil Village elevates the series, combining the action of Resident Evil 4 with the deeper narrative approach of Resident Evil 7. This, coupled with a masterful use of audio on the PS5 and a cast of...

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: design, price, display, and specs

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra addresses the majority of the problems that troubled last year's S20 Ultra while still being less expensive. Longtime fans may be disappointed by the lack of microSD card expansion and a charging...

MSI stealth 15M review: RTX Gaming Laptop

MSI Stealth 15M could be a gaming laptop for people who’d choose to keep their gaming habits a secret. The metal design looks striking, and, other than the single-zone RGB backlit keyboard, there isn’t much else about...

ASUS ROG DELTA S REVIEW: Gaming Headset with USB-C | Ai Powered

ASUS has added to its ROG lineup of PC headsets for gaming with the Delta S headset: a Quad DAC, MQA reading, RGB laden featherlight set of cups with some seriously impressive audio power under the hood

Hitman 3 full review

If you’re familiar with Hitman 2 then Hitman 3 may be a very similar package: five sprawling sandbox missions in five stunning, exotic locations, plus one mission that’s much smaller in scope.

Little Nightmares 2 full review

Little Nightmares 2 understands modern horror. these modern horror classics have jump scares and gore in favor of slowly building chills, unstable atmospheres, and a continuing sense of dread. Little Nightmares 2, very like its predecessor, weaves all of those feelings through its...