Apple releases the new macOS 11.4 update to fix the SSD corruption

Apple has released the macOS 11.4 update for the Mac operating system to solve the problem of damage to the SSD units placed inside it, knowing that Apple did not recognize this crisis in the first place, knowing that it may cause the entire board of these devices to be changed due to the linkage of the SSD units. SSD with M1 processor and its surroundings on the same board.

Researcher Hector Martin, who provides Linux systems for devices running Apple chips, talked about the crisis when he also revealed that the hardness rates rise the higher the capacity of the SSD itself. However, it is still a crisis for users of the Apple M1 chips in their Mac computers.

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At the same time, Apple unofficially acknowledged to AppleInsider that there was no issue with the SSDs or their firmware. Still, there was an issue with SMART Tools to monitor volume details, reporting the Mac user with wrong numbers about the health of the SSD. His own.

The same researcher has talked about the macOS 11.4 update, saying that this problem has already been fixed with this update that is now available for download.

Whether you have been affected by the crisis or not, we advise you to constantly update the operating system to get the best experience and fix this crisis that you may face if you buy a new Mac on the old system.

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