EA Officially Announces Battlefield 2042 Coming in October!

Finally, EA recently officially revealed the new part of the Battlefield 2042 series with a great teaser. So let’s get to know the first details about that awaited game.

Yes, the Prodigal Son is back again and stronger than before. Officially, EA revealed Battlefield 2042 a while ago during the live broadcast that it has been mentioning for months, and here we are.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to create a picture in the world of multiplayer games from the first perspective, especially the principle of the sandbox that you master by relying on the advanced technologies provided by the new generation platforms with the PC to raise the ceiling of the number of players to 128 players in unprecedented steps that will make the idea of ​​​​All Out War is more exciting and chaotic, built on maps of huge sizes so you can take all that many.

The destruction factor is back in new dimensions, this time with a real-time changing weather system that will make every match epic. Battlefield 2042 also provides players with the ability to play with weapons and tools in complete freedom without limitation in the gameplay with complete freedom in the way each player adopts to be able to create moments that will not exist Except in Battlefield 2042 only, and by playing with new agents and abilities that will also affect the style of play, especially the Verticality such as the hook and the Wingsuits literally.

Battlefield 2042 redefines the All Out Warfare factor by focusing on offering a three-phase multiplayer experience:

All Out Warfare: The insane mode includes 128 players on a single map at scales never seen before in the series and across Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

Hazard Zone: The company is planning to reveal it soon. It is a fast-paced mode, based on the team factor and completely new to the Battlefield series.

Classic mode: EA will announce details at EA Play on July 22

Finally, Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22 for all platforms, whether PS5, Xbox Series X|S with PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but with fewer players and reduced map sizes and for the price, the game is coming at $ 60 for the last generation and $ 70 for the new generation and offers three Various versions: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate All pre-orders will also have early access to the Open Beta.

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